Equine Evacuation Ranch Emergency Information Form



Fill out this form and email it to Mary Sullivan-White so we will know what type of assistance you may need to evacuate your horses in a disaster. Providing this information to us does not guarantee any particular response, but will allow us to assess where animals might need to be evacuated.  You are responsible for having a disaster / evacuation plan and making your property as fire safe as possible. This information is held confidentially by our organization and not shared with any agencies.


If your property is under a mandatory evacuation order, and you need to have your horses evacuated call Santa Cruz County Animal Services: 454-7200 #1.   If they are not available call 911 to activate our unit.

Be PREPARED!  Have an established evacuation plan in place.  Make arrangements with a friend who lives at least several miles from you to come and get your large animals if you do not have a trailer,  or can not get to your home.  Always take as many animals as you can with you when you evacuate.

Have defensible space around your strutures, including paddocks and outbuildings.

We can not guarantee that we can evacuate your animals.  We are allowed onto the fire zone at the discretion of Fire and Law Enforcement. Animals must be able to be loaded into a trailer within a reasonable time period, or must be left behind, so training your horses to load into a trailer is very important.


Fires in other counties


We can only be activated to assit with evacuations in other counties with authorization from the Santa Cruz Office of Emergency Services. Your appropriate county representative should call that office or call 911 to contact the the Santa Cruz Office of Emergency Services after hours. 

Please note that we are only activated to do evacuations when there are MANDATORY evacuation orders in effect.



Thank you for wanting to help

We cannot dispatch trailers or individuals who are not Santa Cruz County Equine Evacuation Units DSW's.  We appreciate your wanting to help, but we have sufficient resources and can not accept the services of unauthorized volunteers for liability reasons. 

If you wish to help with animal care, please contact Santa Cruz County Animal Services. We have sufficient trailer resources to make evacuations. We do not board animals on private property. We can only take evacuated horses to our established holding areas.  We can only evacuate animals that are in established mandatory evacuation areas.  If a friend evacuates your property, you can have the animals taken to our established holding areas if you are in an established mandatory evacuation area.  

We are only able to accept donations of Grass Hay, Shavings, and money (please make checks payable to Santa Cruz Co. Equine Evac and can be dropped in the maibox at the SC. Co. Horsemen's Assocation on Graham Hills Rd. or Animal Services - donations are unfortunately not tax deductable but are very appreciated).


Other local County Large Animal Evacuation units are listed under Related Web Pages



Fact Sheet

October 2017

During the Summit, Martin and Trabing fires in 2008, our Equine Evacuation

Unit evacuated over 500 horses and many other animals and livestock.

Only about 20 horses had to be evacuated by our organization during the

Lockheed fire in 2009, because our community was much better prepared

and had made plans for their animals in case of a disaster.  

During the Loma Prieta fire in 2016 we rescued horses in Santa Cruz County and provided mutual assistance to Santa Clara County rescuing horses and other animlas that could not be accessed from their side of the mountain.

In 2017 only one horse and some other smaller animals were evacuated during the Bear fire, but a number of owners self-evacuated to the

Santa Cruz Horsemen's Showgrounds which once again opened their facility to support the local horse community.

We also respond during flood situations in Felton as requested to support evacuations at Covered Bridge Equestrian stables.

165—Registered OES Trained Disaster Workers with horse trailers and trucks available for emergency use when activated by the County Office of Emergency Services

35— Amateur  Radio Evac Members (Hams)

9—Trailer Teams

All Disaster Workers have received Office of Emergency Services Training regarding SEMS-Standardized Emergency Management System and ICS-Incident Command System. Evac members have attended workshops on loading unwilling horses, trailer safety and maintenance and had opportunity to have a free trailer inspection by a local trailer repair expert. Additional trainings have been provided in the past that covered emergency first aid for horses and tips on what to do if the vet can’t get there.

Trailer Team Leaders meet periodically to plan strategies. They keep in regular touch with their team members.

We have been activated for two flooding situations and 6 fires. During our largest single activation we successfully evacuated over 240 horses in approx. 8 hours during the Summit Fire in May 2008.

The Emergency Services Manager, Rosemary Anderson (454-2715), will authorize call outs for any size emergency in which we are required. If you can not reach her call 911. Clearance must be made through her office. Trailer team members can chose NOT to be involved with every emergency.

Please click here for more information as to: WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE OPERATE

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Santa Cruz Equine Evacuation Unit works under the auspices of the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services, and in cooperation with the Santa Cruz Animal Services Authority