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The Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services authorizes a volunteer Equine Evacuation and Assistance Unit. All members are registered by the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services as Disaster Service Workers.

Equine Evacuation provides horse trailers, drivers, horse handlers and personnel to evacuate horses in disasters and as authorized by the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services.

Requests for out of county mutual aid must be authorized by the Director of Santa Cruz County Emergency Services.

Following request for service by the designated agency, the Equine Evacuation Admin. representative will contact the appropriate Trailer Team Leader(s) or Evac. and Support Personnel.

On scene, the Equine Evacuation Task Force Leader will report to the Liaison Officer if that position has been filled. Otherwise the Task Force Leader (or designee) will report to the Incident Commander.

Liaison Officer or Incident Command will prioritize and direct evacuation efforts. Staging area for evacuation trailers and other aspects of the evacuation effort may be handled by Animal Services or Equine Evacuation personnel depending on the scope of the operation.

Coordination for boarding, food and veterinary support (long and short term) will be handled where appropriate by the Office of Emergency Services, American Red Cross and Animal Services.

Equine Evacuation Leadership Team Contact Information


Responsiblity Name Contact
Coordinators Currently vacant - restructuring  
Scotts Valley Jerry Dowdy H 335-5587

Marsha Heidt

Cally Haber

H-458-3385, c-251-3385

H-462-2068, c- 325-9584, w 458-0809


Kathy Adams

Christine Smith

H-408-395-5718 c- 408-316-1810

So. County


Liz Riehl

Jan Jensen


H-831-726-2240 C-831-241-4133



Robin Musitelli

Claire Francis

H 338-5942, c-234-7033 W- 454-2200

H-335-2335 C-359-9144 W-438-5537

Santa Cruz

Patsy Wilkes (EOC/Finance)

Shari Click

H-423-3603 C-227-4774 W-427-3628

H-425-8667 C-212-4635

H-423-9948, c-247-7161

Bonny Doon

Robin Rainwater


H-423-3514 C-8182883


San Lorenzo Valley Rebehkah Crill H 338-4608 c 246-4907 / 246-4908
Skyline David and Sarah Schoen H 408-867-1843 c 408-307-2318
c 408-307-2319
HAMS / Staging Area Manager Hap Bullard  C-831-212-3530 H 831-338-3371
Logistics  / Staging area Managers

Mary Sullivan-White

Kristi Locatelli

H 425-7352  c  331-6227

H 335-1216  c  818-2848

Advisors Steve & Linda Richmond H-335-3542, c-818-5586,
c-566-6282 c-254-1758
Advisor Lyn Hood

H 475-3323 c-332-6437 


April 2011

Equine Evacuation Spring Training Exercise

Training Overview

Timeline, Tasks and Assignments:

Team Leader Instructions 3-25-10

EE Member Questionaire


Santa Cruz Equine Evacuation Unit works under the auspices of the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Services, and in cooperation with the Santa Cruz Animal Services Authority